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      HF Series centrifugal pump

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      • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
      • Type: HF Series
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       HF  Series

      Applications and installation

      The HF series pumps are specifically designed to achieve high delivery rates with low to medium heads for industrial and agricultural uses. Their volute impeller makes it able to pump water that is even fairly dirty. High delivery rates under continuous or heavy duty, making them advantageous for rain and gravity irrigation, for pumping water from lakes, river, well and for a wide variety of other applications, etc..

      Pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected

      against the weather.


      Operating limitations

      Max ambient temperature up to 40

      Max fluid temperature up to 80

      Max pressure up to 10 bar


      Construction features

      Pump Body: cast iron

      Motor Housing: aluminum

      Shaft:45# steel /stainless steel

      Impeller: Brass

      Motor: closed, externally ventilated

      Insulation Class: B/F

      Protection Class: IP44 /IP54

      Duty: continuously rated

      Mechanical Seal: ceramic steatite/ metalized carbon

      Technical parameters


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