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      DEUTZ series Standard Diesel Generator Set

      Update: 2015/3/26 View:
      • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
      • Type: DEUTZ series
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      DEUTZ series

      Standard Diesel Generator Set

      Diesel generator set technical data

      1.Generator Set

          Using the integrated structure, base frame with high-strength steel, Genset can be connected with full suspension shock absorber design, good damping effect and small shake.

          Diesel: choice of Chaiwei DEUTZ diesel. 24V DC electric start, with tank water closed cycle and fan cooling.

          Generators : choice of MINDONG brand TFW3 generator, AVR brushless automatic voltage regulator, class H insulation, protection. class according to IP21/22 standard .

          Control panel: using the big screen liquid crystal display (LCD) for generator sets control module. have automatic start, data acquisition and display, fault alarm and protection functions. configuration of electric monitoring instrument and diesel operation instrument.

          Genset with MCCB circuit breakers, with short circuit. overload protection function.

          Genset output power to meet the following environmental conditions: Altitude: <1000m Ambient temperature: <40t.

      2.Genset with 24V high-performance lead-acid batteries and charging generator, can be six consecutive start; and equipped with electricity float charger to ensure adequate battery power.

      3.Genset equipped with the base daily tank, to meet the unit more than 6 hours of continuous full load.

      4.Genset attach muffler, built-in shock absorbers, corrugated absorber and simple installation materials.

      5.Genset speed control mode with optional mechanical or electronic speed control mode.

      6.Optional configuration: automatically load the output cabinet, the ATS automatic conversion cabinet and the AMF mains voltage detection module, water (oil) heater, Sound Proof, trailers mobile type etc.

      7.Warranty period: from the date of out of warehouse for one year or 1000 hours (whichever comes first). It does not include the Daily wear and tear parts and human misuse and neglect of maintenance.

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