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      BESM Series pump

      Update: 2015/3/28 View:
      • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
      • Type: BESM Series
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      BESM Series  

      Applications and installation

      BESM pump is special designed for pumping drinking fluid like wine, oil or mineral water and so on. As all components in its wet end are manufactured with rust proof materials so it is safe for food grade material. It can be used in either fixed installation or portable operation. With a reversible electrical motor, it can easy to transfer liquid in or out a same container without changing any setting.

      Working principle & Construction

      BESM pump is blades pump which construction between water ring pump and peripheral pump. So it can get better in both self-priming and higher delivery head. There are numerous radial blades to yield liquid one by one, so it gains higher pressure relatively.

      Technical parameters

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