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      AUTOSW 110 Series self-suction pamp

      Update: 2015/3/26 View:
      • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
      • Type: AUTOSW 110 Series
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      AUTOSW110 Series

      Applications and installation

      AUTOSW110 is a self-suctionl pump which is specially designed for household use. It has the advantage of beautiful design, low noise , easy operate. It is widely used for pumping clean water from tank, pool etc.

      Pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather.


      Operating limitations

      Max ambient temperature up to 40

      Max fluid temperature up to 80

      Max pressure up to 10 bar

       Construction features

      Pump Body: cast iron

      Motor Housing: cast iron

      Shaft: 45# steel /stainless steel

      Impeller: Brass

      Motor: closed, externally ventilated

      Insulation Class: B/F

      Protection Class: IP44/IP54

      Duty: continuously rated

      Mechanical Seal: ceramic steatite/ m

      Technical parameters

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