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      YCT Series electromagnetism speed regulating motor

      Update: 2015/3/28 View:
      • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
      • Type: YCT Series
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      YCT Series  electromagnetism speed regulating motor


      YCT Series electromagnetism speed regulating motor. One of the main products derived form Y series motor, consists of electromagnetic slip clutch . Speed meter generator and pulling motor . is matched with controller which can regulate the speed steplessly under constant torque within the rated speed regulating range .

      It can be used in the industries of textile. chemical, metallurgical. papermaking . plastic processing , etc , and various machines and equipments which require speed regulation . It is suitable for the machines whose running torque loads decrease progreaaively such as centrifugal pump and blower , etc . The capacity or pressure can be controlled with Speed regulation instead of valve, which has conspicuous effects of energy saving.


       A . C . stepless speed regulating , it has automatic regulating system , speed rate of variation is not exceed 2.5 %.

       Free of uncontrolled point and wide range of speed regulating (max 10:1 ) .

      Good performance and with higher starting torque.

      Simple structure, easy in operation and maintenance.

      Low power in controlling, it could has multi-mode to control. 

      Technical parameters 


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