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      MDF series brushless three-phase ac synchronous generator

      Update: 2018/6/28 View:
      • Brand: mindong eleceric/閩東電機
      • Type: MDF series
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      MDF series brushless three-phase ac synchronous generator

           The model MDF series steel casing three-phase A.Cbrushless synchronous generator is new model generator designed by MINDONG company . generator rotor adopts tinertoy with whole punching,brushless exitation ,wth A.V.R, low Speed protect and shut down if overexictation,reduce EMI.TFW3 series leave out traditional ring and brush that it gets to be brushless excitation,stator and exciter fixing in Same shaft. avoid troubles due to poor contact after the brushes and slip rings are wear -out improved reliability of the generator.the generators are to be used in town. countryside,worksites,mountain and pasture as electric power source for lighting purpose,it can also be used as reseved power source for emergent case using .

           The armature winding of TFW3 series generators is connection in star with neutral-point, three phase four wire system .it rated line voltage is 400v ,phase voltage is 230v, 50Hz,power factor is 1.0-0.8(lag).


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