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      119th Canton Fair Invitation

      2016/2/22 view:
      Dear Friends, 

      We hereby sincerely invite you and your company 
      representatives to visit us in the 119th Canton Fair. 
      Booth No.: Hall 8.0, 
      Date: April 15-19th, 2016. 

      We are specialized in AC electric 
      motors (IEC standards), water pumps, generators and alternators. 
      It would be 
      a great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition. Your value and satisfaction are 
      in the center of our attention. The high quality and service standards result 
      from our customer focus, it’s the resources of our innovations and progresses. 

      For more information, welcome to visit our website: www.informedadoptions.com 
      contact us via: sales@mddj.com 

      Wish to meet you soon!